Buster's Sea Cove

Buster’s Sea Cove and Stinky Tofu


Hi all!

We were very excited to participate in the Night It Up event in Markham this summer at the Markham Civic Centre. It was excruciatingly hot, but we still had a great time. In case you didn’t know, Night It Up! is an outdoor night market styled in the vein of night markets from Taiwan and Hong Kong (and many others from across Asia). There were hundreds of food vendors and other miscellaneous booths selling street food and trinkets similar to what you might find at an authentic night market in Asia. This was Night It Up!’s 11th year running, and the attendance was remarkable. It was soooooo crowded, and everything smelled like stinky tofu. We tried the stuff, but we didn’t really like it too much!

Anyway, if you want to see more pictures from the event, check out this gallery over here!


Image above is from: Night It Up!

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