Buster's Sea Cove

Food Truck Frenzy at the Canadian National Exhibition


Ahhhh, the Ex. This year, the CNE hosted one of Canada’s largest Food Truck Rallies. Right on Princes Boulevard just inside the Princes’ Gates, the Food Truck Rally had a bunch of food trucks all lined up and ready to serve hungry customers. The line up included: Blue Donkey Streatery, Fidel Gastro, Per Se Mobile, Gourmet B1tches, oh, and.. us! (plus a lot more awesome food trucks).

Here are a few snapshots from the CNE:


The CNE was incredibly busy! The lines were NEVER-ENDING, but our wonderful customers were really patient and awesome. Thanks for all your support guys!


Checking out the food building inside. It was really crowded in here too!That’s it for now, we’ll promise to take more pictures for you guys next ¬†year :)


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